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[NNAM.1996.488.032.014] Literature and Research - 'Robert L. Lawson Photograph Collection'
Robert L. Lawson Photograph Collection
Accession Number NNAM.1996.488.032.014
Accession Date 05/01/1996
Date Created 5/9/1943
Object Desciption USS Breton (CVE-23) is shown underway at speed just after commissioning, with an empty flight deck.
Object Notes USS Breton (CVE-23) was a Bogue-class escort carrier built by Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding for the US Navy during World War II. She was commissioned 12 April 1943. Throughout her World War II service, Breton operated with the Carrier Transport Service, Pacific Fleet. She delivered men, aircraft, and materiel all across the Pacific Theater of War. She earned two Battle Stars for her service. Breton was decommissioned August 20, 1946 and sold for scrap in 1972.
Medium Black and white
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