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[NNAM.1999.324.001] Literature and Research - 'Scrapbook of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. during Operation Bowery'
Photograph of Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Scrapbook of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. during Operation Bowery
Accession Number NNAM.1999.324.001
Creator Creator Role
Fairbanks, Douglas Jr. Compiler
Date Created 04/29/1942- 05/15/1942
Object Desciption This 67-page hardbound spiral notebook was compiled and written by actor and naval reserve officer Douglas Fairbanks J.R. It is a day-to-day account of Operation Bowery. There are numerous well written typed pages that are essentially a personal journal as well as high quality photographs. The officers and crew are shown in various facets of ship operations. Among some of the personnel included: Captain John L. Hall Chief-of-staff for Task Force Ninety-Nine, The ships chaplain Captain Witherspoon, members of the Royal Air Force, and men on the flight deck. There are high quality images of Spitfires taxiing on the deck of the Wasp. A few pictures show some 'near miss' accidents aboard the ship. The written account narrates some of the encounters the Wasp had while on its way to Malta. Also included is a copy of Winston Churchill's famous congratulatory message to the ship: "Who says a Wasp couldnt sting twice!"
Object Notes Malta was the most heavily bombed place on Earth during WWII per square mile. It even surpassed London. Operation Bowery was a mission in which the USS Wasp (CV 7) was ordered to reinforce spitfire strength on the island of Malta and help alleviate the unprecedented bombing raids by the Luftwaffe.
Medium Black and White
Notes Fairbanks was charged with writing this account (the official naval record) of this special mission by Rear Admiral R. C. Griffin, USN. It deals with the USS Wasp, temporarily detached and loaned to the British Admiralty for the purpose of helping to deliver badly needed aircraft to Malta. Fairbanks served on active duty in the US Navy from April 1941 to February 1946.
View from the USS Wasp (CV-7)
Escort ships
Unidentifed field
USS Wasp (CV 7)
F4F Wildcat
More Wildcats on flight deck
F4F Wildcat
Grumman Wildcat
Captain of the USS Wasp
Reeves and Kernodle
American and British sailors
British welcom
British welcome #2
Crew on the observation deck
Clyde shipyard
Clyde shipyard #2
King George V dock
British Spitfire being loaded
British Spitfire being loaded #2
British Spitfire being loaded #3
British Spitfire being loaded #4
British Spitfire being loaded #5
British Spitfire being loaded #6
British Spitfire being loaded back to shore
Spitfire on number 2 elevator
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