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[NNAM.1976.035.001] Aircraft - 'C-1A Trader'
C-1A Trader on Display
C-1A Trader
Accession Number NNAM.1976.035.001
Accession Date 06/06/1976
Creator Creator Role
Date Created 1955
Object Desciption The museum's C-1A Trader (redesignated from TF-1 in 1962) was accepted by the Navy on 30 June 1955, and four years later it was assigned to the aircraft carrier Lexington (CVS 16) when that carrier returned from a Far East cruise. The airplane deployed in the ship when she embarked on what would turn out to be her final cruise in the Pacific, and remained with Lexington when she was reassigned to the Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, Florida, as the Navy's designated training aircraft carrier in 1963. For the next thirteen years she logged hundreds of flights between Forrest Sherman Field on board NAS Pensacola to the deck of "Lady Lex," in the final years of her service averaging double the monthly flight hours as C-1As assigned to the fleet. After the airplane passed the 15,000 hour mark, the decision was made to retire it from service and it was donated to the then-Naval Aviation Museum. It is painted in a bicenntenial paint scheme of the type popular in naval aviation during 1976, the last year of its active service.
Museum's C-1A Trader in Active Service
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