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[NNAM.1963.060.005] Model - 'Model - ZPG-2 Airship'
Model - ZPG-2Airship
Model - ZPG-2 Airship
Accession Number NNAM.1963.060.005
Accession Date 01/01/1963
Object Desciption First flight of the N-Class (later ZPN, eventually ZPG-2W as the design evolved) pressure ships made early in 1950s. Much larger than M-Class, these ships were faster and carried more crew and equipment serving first as dual mission ASW/Early Warning platforms and later principally in strategic airborne early warning roles with extensive electronic suites. In service through Nov. 30, 1961.
Object Notes Model - Manufacturer's model ZPG-2 Airship, marked U. S. Navy.
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