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[NNAM.1963.005.002] Artwork - 'Artwork: First Take Off From a US Navy Ship'
Artwork: First Take Off From a US Navy Ship
Accession Number NNAM.1963.005.002
Accession Date 01/01/1963
Creator Creator Role
Object Desciption Original: The painting depicts the first take-off from a U.S. Naval ship by Eugene Ely, a civilian pilot, on 14 November 1910. Flying a 50-hp Curtiss pusher biplane, Ely took off from a wooden platform built on the bow of the USS Birmingham. The ship was at anchor in Hampton Roads and Ely landed safely on Wiloughby Spit.
Medium Watercolor
Inscription Type Signature
Inscription John T. McCoy
Presented By Paul E. Garber
Published in 1958 by John T. McCoy Jr of New York, USA and Frost and Reed Ltd., Bristol and London, England. Copyright in all countries including USA (Printed in England)
John T McCoy
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